What People are Saying...

"Susan is a very empathetic, compassionate person who has everyone's higher good in mind. She is passionate about helping others live a healthier, happier lifestyle through teaching and sharing her alternative and complementary therapy skills."

- Denise A.

Susan is a wonderful instructor who is very knowledgeable about T.R.E., and provides not only skillful individualized instruction specific to each client's physical needs but also explains how the T.R.E. process was discovered and how it helps the mind and body. When I was introduced to her by my husband and his family I had been desperate for stress relief for years and had tried everything I could possibly find out of desperation to try. The stress I had accumulated for years had started to worsen every health condition I had, and after trying everything else I could I was skeptical about T.R.E going into it. Almost immediately Susan was able to share enough information about it to put me at ease and as soon as the first session was finished I saw improvement. The improvement stayed with me. As I continued going to a highly stressful job T.R.E. kept me in an overall better state of mind and made things easier. As normally happens life got in the way and I stopped practicing T.R.E. regularly. I noticed as my old problems began to worsen again. Back pain, mood swings, depression, and PTSD only got worse as I stopped taking the time for myself to practice T.R.E. Amazingly enough after getting back to it everything decreased again. With T.R.E. my quality of life has doubled, and I can tell that not only is it worth the try, but it's truly life-changing. If you are considering it and are in need of stress relief I really think you should at the very least message and ask questions about it. I don't know a person in my life that couldn't benefit from it, and I will forever be appreciative.

- Ashley W.

....I was amazed at her wealth of knowledge on the techniques and her passion. I am looking forward to learning more from her!!

- Sarah F.

 .....I learned a lot from Susan, she's gentle and straight forward with her teaching. I highly recommend you connect with her if you have any kind of stress in your life.

- Amy W.